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SmashTheHive founder Jason T. Edwards is the creator, co-director and co-writer for “My American Waistline.” A musician and artist since childhood, Edwards is an award-winning sound designer and audio post production engineer with over 15 years of independent film and television experience. He began his career in the late 1990s at one of the Northwest’s premier postproduction houses, working on national advertising accounts for such major brands as Nike. Since 2003, Edwards has served as the Sound Designer on ten independent feature films, numerous animated shorts and three major network television series. Among the latter are all six seasons of NBC’s hit horror series, “Grimm” (2011- 2017; 123 one-hour episodes), “The Cape” (2011; 11 one-hour episodes), and “Midnight Texas (2017). His feature credits as a Sound Designer also include the award-winning documentaries “Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston & Charis Wilson, “ Terms and Conditions May Apply,” “Congo: The Grand Inga Project” and “Miss Gulag.”

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“My American Waistline” animator and co-director Lawrence Johnson has been making films and videos professionally since 1983. His work in history and culture has been distinguished through many awards, including two from the American Association of State and Local History (Remembering Uniontown, 1985, and Steam Whistle Logging, 1987). His programs for the exhibition Sacred Encounters: Father DeSmet and the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West received the Golden Muse Award, the American Association of Museum’s recognition for the best Audio/Visual program in 1995. His documentary Hand Game (2000) was funded in part by the National Endowment of the Arts, Folk Arts; it opened the American Indian Film Festival, and played the Smithsonian's Native American Film and Video Festival and the Montreal Native film Festival in June, 2001. His film three possible scenes won best dramatic short at the 2004 River Run International Film Festival in Salem, North Carolina, and Honorable Mention in the experimental category of the Kansas City Jubilee. Johnson is Story Editor for the acclaimed radio series Wisdom of the Elders, currently producing its fourth season. His personal feature-length documentary, called Stuff, received the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship in 2008, previewed at the Northwest Film and Video Festival and won a special jury prize at the 2011 Florida Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Talking Pictures Festival. In 2012, Johnson received the prestigious Fellowship Award in Media Arts from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, honoring artists in the Portland metropolitan area who are the strongest representatives of the range and diversity of art in the Northwest. His recent work on a series of videos Climate and Native Wisdom has won two Humanitarian Awards of Distinction from Indiefest. For more information, please visit www.lj-productions.com.

Co-Writer John Reid escaped the south via the Army, John went on to become a spectacular failure as a standup and now works as a corporate hack who can move widgets. When he met Jason they found out they shared a bizarre sense of humor and began writing together. John hates garlic.


Voice Talent Ritah Parrish has appeared in many indy films including “Film Geek”, and “The Auteur” directed and written by the fabulous James Westby. Parrish truly enjoyed playing the character Dawn. She had always known there was a slightly racist tight-ass buried deep inside her and thanks to James Westby, now the whole world knows it. She is a seasoned stage performer and has written and performed four one-woman shows including the critically acclaimed, “Thinking Outside My Box” in 2007. She is an improviser and a member of Brainwaves Improv Comedy, the longest running improv group in Portland.

Voice Actor Peter Wilberding has done voice work in Chicago, Winnipeg, St. Louis, and Portland since 2001. He has been involved in academic comedy and performance in various incarnations which typically involve lightly bawdy cartoons. He is a founding member of the now-defunct non-profit The Chicago Center For The Overwhelming Arts, dedicated to giving money to crazy artists with gigantic ideas, and The Better Boyfriends, a performance group which was the subject of a University of Chicago thesis in contemporary media studies. 

“My American Waistline’s” score is by John Morgan Askew—a Portland, Oregon-based composer, musician, mixer and producer. Over the past twenty years, Askew has contributed to more than fifty albums and has composed and recorded original scores for feature films, documentaries, television and advertisement.   Scenic Burrows is the recording studio in the basement of Askew's home.

“My American Waistline’s extraordinarily talented team!”

 From Left to Right: Director Lawrence Johnson, Voice Actor Lara Baker, Producer/Co-Director/WriterJason Edwards, Voice Actor Ritah Parrish, Writer/Voice Actor John Reid, Sound Editor/Voice Actor Lou Guidi Jr, Voice Actor Lorraine Bahr

From Left to Right: Director Lawrence Johnson, Voice Actor Lara Baker, Producer/Co-Director/WriterJason Edwards, Voice Actor Ritah Parrish, Writer/Voice Actor John Reid, Sound Editor/Voice Actor Lou Guidi Jr, Voice Actor Lorraine Bahr